You ever want to spray down some cats?

LOL this game is so stupid but I am getting a kick out of it. It is free. I recommend you guys give it a try. Even if you only get like 10 minutes of laughs out of it. It is pretty funny. I ended up stumbling on it because I was looking for a different cat-themed game and it caught my eye.

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The title gave me the wrong impression LOL I thought you meant “spray” like actually mow down some cats with guns. haha

This game seems weird. I mean it is a free game but eh. I can’t see myself liking it but I can see myself enjoying other people playing it.

The sounds made me laugh but this is such a cheesy game. I am tempted to download it and let my wife walk in on me playing it. She loves cats and I know she will hear the sounds and think “What is he doing in there?” and come and look lol

Wait, this is a virus simulator. lol I didn’t notice it right away. I was looking through the reviews. This is essentially COVID for cats the game lol

The mask didn’t give it away? lol

Yeah this is not my style of game. I mean it is free but I don’t download games just cause they are free.

I always thought these kinds of games were stupid because let’s be real here, they don’t look the best but a lot of these games are made by one person or a handful of people and I am impressed all things considered.

Yeah, I thought most people here wouldn’t be interested. I just thought for a free game, it was funny. I had fun with it for a bit but uninstalled it already.