Yoozoo founder poisoned on Christmas Day?

This is certainly not unheard of. Wealthy people are often targeted in places like China for either being wealthy or not treating others properly. It is hard to say. Nuts to think this happened to him though, he was only 39. What a year this has been…

A billionaire Chinese gaming tycoon died on Christmas Day, his company announced, with police now investigating whether the 39-year-old was poisoned.

The Yoozoo company board of directors released a statement on December 26 confirming the death of founder and chairman Lin Qi.

“The directors, supervisors, senior management and all employees of the company express their deep condolences on the passing of Mr. Lin Qi,” the statement said.

A colleague of Lin’s – a 39-year-old man with the surname Xu – has been detained in Shanghai, with authorities saying in a statement that they were first alerted to a suspected poisoning on December 17.

Police said Xu was “suspected of committing a major crime.”

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Wow… So he was poisoned on the 17th and died a week later? Well, a week-ish. I wonder if they will find the actual motive for this. Even if this happens often enough to not be unheard of, poisoning people is just messed up.

They detained someone, and it was someone he worked with. Not sure if it will hold up but still scary. To think you can become so successful that one day someone who works for you can turn around and poison you.

I don’t know anything about the man or the company but the fact that it happened around Christmas is even worse imo. I think the person who targeted him wanted to hurt everyone in his life as well. Very dark.

You’d be surprised how often this happens or at least attempts are made. People think poisoning is the safest way to get away with murder but they always get caught.