Yes y'm sorry but to me xfire don't want to have access

Y’m so sorry but to me the old program in my earth called xfire dont want top accede to the program why or it is ready right now or not again eh sorry anyway for my question but y was loving to chat whit more than 1 friend’s on the first xfire program eh ok???

If you want anyone to answer your question, youre going to have to speak coherent English.

Did you mean you were trying to use the old Xfire app? It will not work because the old app and the servers were closed by the previous company Titan Gaming back in 2015. If you still have the old app, that is just a relic of the past.

That said, the current company that owns is developing a new app that will have similar functions to the old one while also providing newer features in line with the current generation of gamers. Our aim is to bring the functionality of the old with an eye toward the future. To have be a hub of gaming and pop culture while bridging together gamers and geeks through the love of gaming, keeping in touch and tracking stats, and all the great stuff the community do together.

Stick with us because the best is yet to come! :sunglasses: :video_game:

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Ah thank’s so and when this new app will be read6y eh that y don’t wait other that xfire come back to life because y was loving to immediately turned on my pc to open xfire also if all my oldest friend’s don’t hope it from some life eh hihihi anyway y don’t wait other or the come back to life about xfire eh ok??

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We’re hoping for a late 2021-early 2022 release of at least a working alpha, but we will make an announcement when we are comfortable that it’s ready. With how tech is changing constantly, our goal is to give the best features of the old that works with older games as well as the newer ones. Likewise, we wish to cater to the gaming and geek community specifically, avoiding the pitfalls of becoming too “mainstream” as where Discord is heading.

We hope to see you among those who will join us on this great journey! :sunglasses: :video_game:

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Ooook but tray to do it as maximum untill the next year that y really have cried when xfire become dead eh ok anyway y say to you all good job and stay allways up eh that if xfire will resurrect y will resurrect to and y’m a diasable man from a saturday of extraudinary from 12 year’s ago eh ok!!!

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We know how you feel! The staff is also excited to try the thing out, too, but until our developers give the go signal, we’re just going to have to wait. But rest assured we will let the community know from day one when an alpha build is available to test run.

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Heheheheheheheheheheheehehe so anyway y say thank’s you all about Xfire and you’re complty right for the gif image about than the message eh because mu nikcame it’s for the Bigredmachinekane in the picture eh so anyway y have to really thank’s and good job for the next Xfire program eh ok ???

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No pressure… Until you release the Xfire, we’ll be lurking here :slightly_smiling_face: