Y ask sorry but to me whith xfire don't acced again for my problem's or because

Y ask sorry but to my new xfire program that y’ve download some day ago it don’t log into to the app program on my pc and y don’t understand why eh or the xfire program it’s not 100% ready eh that y was loving to open immediatelly turned on my first pc to open the old xfire program eh anyway y’m so sorry for the eventually error’s but y’m an italian man whit some problem’s eh ok ???

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Any Xfire program you’ve downloaded isn’t made by us

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I can see you are fairly decent at English but just to make things easier for you:

Qualsiasi programma Xfire che hai scaricato non è fatto da noi. Fare attenzione a non scaricare un’app che infetterà il computer o il dispositivo mobile.


Anyway y’vent read at all the page’s about xfire so y don’t read that the xfire program it’snt again ready so y’m really sorry but y’ve don anhuge error anyway somebody could say to me i a future hoping not too much far away the program and maybe the app xfire will be worknig again eh anyway y have to resay sorry but y was so happy to ca rehave the oldest program xfire on my pc eh so y resay sorry again eh ok???

There is no current app for Xfire. There are talks about one being made though. Just stick to the forum for the time being. I am sure news about it will be posted here first.

Ooook so anyway y say thanks to you and y hope that the new xfire app will be ready as fast as possible eh oksy anyway y shall give to you all the good hour from wherer are you from that in my state it’s allready night and y fill allready tired eh so y shall hope that in the next day the new xfire app or program will be at least developed in few day because y will be never tired 6to say that y was loving to use xfire too much eh so aniyay right now y say bye and at tomorrow for my state or Italy eh ok