Xbox Series X Latest Update

There were issues with the initial release that have since been remedied by an update. Not only does the Series X run cooler but it even consumes less power. Pretty impressive stuff considering it was all done from a simple update. In terms of power usage, it went from ~25-28W to ~10-11W on average.

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I haven’t gotten my system yet but this is great news. I know a lot of people were complaining about it being pretty warm and making noises. I wonder if this update also made it a bit quieter.

They are more and more like computers every generation. It is amazing to see this kind of thing happening. I mean this is a pretty huge deal. Knowing they can run an update and alter how the console functions for the better says a lot about the future of gaming.

I am glad they fixed this. I still remember when the first Xbox came out and there were issues with it not only overheating but melting and some catching on fire. That is insane to think about but that was just what, 20 years ago?

Yeah it is. We have had such a huge growth with technology in terms of gaming. It still amazes me. I mean don’t get me wrong, the classic games are still great but modern gaming is becoming so lifelike it is insane!

Can confirm it has made a pretty noticeable difference in the sound, heat, and overall power usage of the console. Pretty impressive update.