Xbox Series S or X?

I was not able to preorder the console. I had to wait and see where my money was going to be. With Christmas being pretty much around the corner now, I didn’t want to commit to something and end up regretting it. I should be fine to buy a console though. I am just not sure which. I know the S series is the budget one which would be more ideal but if the cost difference is justifiable, then I might get the X. Which do you think is better?

If you are not a heavy gamer, the S is just fine. There is really no need to buy the more expensive version unless you want the extra perks and I think the cost is only justifiable if you intend on playing a lot of games.

Really, I don’t think either is worth getting yet. There is like nothing out to play for it. I am waiting until next fall when the prices drop a bit and more games are out.

If you want to budget your money, the answer is obvious but if you have the extra money, just go for the better model. That is what I intend on doing anyway.

If I plan on getting the PS5 or an Xbox, I am going to get the X. I would rather pay more and get more for my money. I know for some people it won’t matter too much but for me, I like to have all the bells and whistles.

There was stock back in stores over the weekend. Did you end up getting your hands on a system? If you did, let me know which one you went with. I am still on the fence myself.