Xbox added 3 new games to their game pass!

If anyone is interested, they just added three games. Must have been in the last few days because I didn’t see them last week. Anyways, the games are:

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
Streets of Rogue
Gonner 2

Looking forward to playing FF again!

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Oh nice! I haven’t checked on here in a bit. I been on a Switch kick and playing games on my PC lately. I will have to check these out. I never played Gonner 1 or 2 but have heard good things.

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I am glad they continue to deliver with these. I was honestly a bit bored with gaming on my Xbox One for a little while. I think I went like 3 months without even turning it on. I got more into PC gaming. I’m back on it playing the new CoD game now though.

How often do they add these? I am not part of the game pass system. I never bothered even looking into it but a friend was telling me they have been putting a lot of games up lately that I would enjoy.

I want to say monthly but I am not entirely sure. I think they just rotate games in a similar fashion to how Netflix does with shows and movies.

Ah so they rotate the games. I guess that makes sense. They see what people are enjoying and probably leave those games on longer and remove ones that aren’t as popular.