Wow, Fall Guys sold over 10 mil copies in 3 months!

It doesn’t even seem like the game has been out that long but it has! On Steam, it sold a ton of copies which is impressive. I was going to get it but had to wait since I was in the middle of a move and I never ended up getting it. Anyone here play the game?

I played it at my friends a month ago. The game itself is okay. I guess it is just not a genre I enjoy or maybe it is the design? Not sure. I am happy for the devs. They really hit it out of the park regardless.

I had fun with the game the first few weeks when it came out. I didn’t realize so many people were interested in it until it blew up. I unfortunately grew bored of it and haven’t played it much since, even with the new modes and season changes.

Everyone I know had played this and Among Us. It was like insanity for 2 months. That is all everyone wanted to play. I played both and enjoyed both but like Among Us, I lost interest in Fall Guys early on.

I bought it from launch and it was great for awhile but it becomes very repetitive and the public lobbies can be downright stupid. Like half the people playing seem like they never played a video game before, the other half is trying to screw you over.

The game still appears to be going strong as well. It is certainly not something I even considered playing. I am not really into battle royal style games but good for them. They advertised the crap out of this game and had a good campaign team.