Will Animal Crossing be the Game of the Year 2020?

It is hard to believe they sold over 26 million copies but it is true. I actually had no interest in the game but my fiance wanted it. After I watched her play a bit I decided to try it and I gotta say, on days when I need a break from fast-paced games or competitive play, it really is nice to have something to go to and just relax. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins GotY personally because I can see the world-wide appeal to the game.

Not a game I honestly cared for. Never played it either. But yeah, given the success of the sales and the fact that it appealed to children and adults a-like, I can see it winning.

I played a bit of the game. I couldn’t get into it enough though. I ended up selling it to a friend after a few months so I got some money back from it. Game of the year? I don’t know. Do they go based on sales?

Considering most of my friends, guys and gals, play the game I would say it is sure up there. I can’t think of another game that did that well and because of the timely release, it really helped. When a lot of people were locked at home, it boosted sales for them even more.

My wife plays this game weekly. I got her a Switch and Animal Crossing for her birthday which was just before the lockdowns hit. She made a lot of use of it and still really enjoys it. She said it helps with her anxiety. Since she was not able to return to work (the bakery were worked for shut down) it has helped her a lot to cope and keep busy. So I hope it does win. I know it has helped other people get through tough times as well.

I mean there is a good chance for it just because of how many people loved the game. There are other contenders which deeper stories and more visually amazing graphics though. Like to me, this game shouldn’t be in the game category as the others.

I am thinking this will win just because it was a hit with everyone. I mean I have seen kids as young as 5 playing the game and people in their 50’s playing it. So yeah, this hit all target audiences really well.

As of now, it is hard to say. I think just because it sold the most copies this year of any game, it doesn’t mean it will win. A lot of people who play that game don’t even care about the awards and are not likely to vote.