Why is this Max guy still a part of any community?

If you aren’t familiar, this dude has a cult following of trolls and he goes around with his troll group harassing streamers and Youtubers. He targets easy targets mostly like women and guys with special needs/mental illnesses. He is a piece of crap and the fact that he is still relevant tells me that not enough has been done about him.

Is this that scumbag that says he likes kids? I didn’t watch the video but I recognize the avatar and I remember people getting heated about him on Discord a year or two ago.

Some trash is heavy and takes longer to get out to the bin I suppose.

I don’t know anything about him. First time I am hearing about him. I only watched 3 minutes of the video and already know I hate him.

I know him from another YouTuber doing a “series” on him. The dude is disgusting and I think if it was easy for Discord to get rid of him, they would. They find ways around it.

No idea who he is. I didn’t watch any of the video but did do a quick search and it would appear this dude is just a professional internet troll but the kind no one likes.