Why is Nintendo so anal about fanart?

I have a friend who makes custom fanart for different character designs from video games and anime. Well, he sells these designs, all his own, on a few different shops online where they print them as shirts and whatnot. He said every single one of his Nintendo related fanart creations has been removed and they heavily seem to target Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda in particular. What is up with this?

They are just using their Copywrite rights. A lot of corporations don’t because they like to allow their fans to create their own work using inspiration. Nintendo, especially as far as Pokemon is concerned, is not hurting for money so they can put a stop to people selling their fan-made work.

Yeah they have the right to go after things in likeness to their property. It has to be something like 30% of more likeness. I can’t remember all the finer details because I did look into this myself. People who get targeted by this stuff as well are always on third party print stores online which do not offer protection for such things and it is in their best interest to get rid of this art than risk a lawsuit.

I never had issues with this but I never actually sold anything. I think that is the issue they have with it. Making money off of their character concepts. I can’t fault them for that though.

People have complained about this before on several different sites but there is nothing that can be done about it. I say if you are going to put hours into artwork with the intent on selling it one way or another, make sure it is different enough not to represent the original design.

Nintendo has always been protective of their content which doesn’t bother me. I would feel the same way if I was them.

I never heard something like that. I figured fan art is fair game because the person created their own work. Like yes, a line or line replica of the character I can understand but if it is in an artist’s own style, that is different.

I think it is different if they create something in their own art style but most people tend to create characters VERY similarly to the original which is why they have legal rights to protect their characters against other people making money on them.

If I made someone that was mine and copyrighted it, I would expect that no one else can recreate it and make a profit from it. It just makes logical sense but I understand that people who do fanart would like appreciate for their work. They can’t run this kind of stuff on a print platform though. You can do it on Etsy but not on TeeSpring for example.

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That is a good point. I see a lot of Pokemon and Nintendo stuff on Etsy. I think places like that where people physically craft stuff is different from people drawing and running things through a print company like you said.

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