Why are cryptocurrency miners using gaming laptops?

I know little to nothing about cryptocurrency so this is likely why I can’t fathom what is going on here but apparently, they are buying out stock of many major gaming laptops right now. This is making it hard for people who want to buy them and use them for gaming to actually access them for purchase. Also, the prices have gone up since 2020 with resources for parts being harder to come by and now with them flying off the shelves, it is expected to only increase the cost. What a mess!

I think this is because mining requires a stronger build and most standard laptops and even standard computers can’t handle all that. This is why a lot of miners will use gaming rigs and gaming laptops. There is a reason laptops are more popular than actual PCs though and I can’t remember the reason why.

Very simple, it comes down to needing high-end GPUs. Gaming laptops need this as a feature to play the current/latest games. Laptops are easy to move, store, and power whereas full desktop setups require more room and often cost more since you need monitors and other things.


I learned about this recently. I am still not fully understanding everything about it but I am going to start investing myself. Just a bit here and there, nothing too risky. I don’t want to be one of those people that sinks all my savings into stock and comes out a loser.

It is almost always easier, cheaper, and more cost-effective overall. I know mining can be a pain and requires a hefty investment but a lot of people are relying on it these days because they lost their jobs and stuff.

Ah okay this makes sense. A shame though because they are hoarding them so the demand is higher, the prices are going to go up and people who want to use them for games won’t be able to find them anywhere.