Who thought bringing BoneTown back was a good idea? lol

I don’t know if anyone remembers this game but it is being brought back on Steam. It will be released this summer. It is basically what it says… GTA meets South Park. The page on Steam does show nudity in a gif and a few pictures so be warned. It is an adult game… of sorts. I won’t link to it, just look it up. I think it looks hilariously stupid.

I never even heard of this. I did google it and I see the product page on Steam… Holy mother of pitching tents… That looks funny LOL I would never spend money on such a stupid game but I am looking forward to people on YouTube making gameplay videos for it. I would imagine it will take a lot of heavy censoring. I think the majority of people who will buy and play this game will be like 13 to 15-year-olds and adults who think the concept is nothing but a giant joke. I mean, I think that is the point right?

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That is just terrible. I get laughing at it but this is the kind of content that we need less of. There are enough perverted things in movies, TV, music, and video games. This is just in awful taste imo.


Absolutely horrendous!
The store page made ma laugh, but is there any way we can actually get that removed from Steam before its even released lol?

I was expecting skeletons…

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I feel like this is not what I expect clicking on the thread. It feels like this should be a meme not a game. I can’t see it lasting on Steam very long. Poor taste indeed.

I didn’t think many people here would be interested in playing it. Just the entire concept of the game is laughably bad. I was laughing watching the video. Like who the heck would create such a game and for what reason? lol