Who makes the best controllers, in your opinion?

This is a general question that is not console specific or tied down to just PC gaming. I want to know which controller people here like the most and what they consider to be the best and why. This is for research purposes :wink:

I have always been partial to PDP ones, specifically Xbox 360 controllers. I still use mine on my PC to this day. I have gotten an Xbox One controller but still prefer the 360 one to it.

I have never really had a preference for a brand. I care more about how it feels when I am using it so I have used several over the years. I will say that I am partial to the shape of Microsoft controllers over Sony’s design though.

Yeah, since the Xbox 360 era I think Microsoft has the best controller design/layout generally speaking. Sony’s DualShock 4’s are great, but the offset stick design feels more natural somehow to me (might be due to being raised on a GameCube controller as kid).

And yeah, I have considered getting a Hori Onyx controller with the offset sticks for my PS4, but it’s expensive still last I checked. :grimacing:

I like the Logitech F310 controller. I know it is not as popular as other ones but it feels good in my hands. I have minor arthritis so finding a controller that won’t aggravate it is good. The controller is inbetween a 360 and PS3 controller.

Ah yeah, I actually had an F310 controller until very recently. It was adequate to use in my case (had it for 8-9 years before it finally quit on me with Forza Horizon 4), but I never did enjoy the ergonomics of it. Always wanted an Xbox 360 controller originally, but the PC versions were so expensive at the time.