Which major gaming brand do you prefer? (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony)

In terms of gaming consoles, which of the big three do you have a preference for? This can be based on cost, exclusives, franchise titles, anything really.

For me, I grew up on Nintendo. I had everything from base Nintendo up to the current Switch. The only one I skipped on was the Wii U. I saw no point in getting it. I was happy with the standard Wii. My favorite console of all time though has to be the Nintendo 64. A lot of the big titles I still love to this day are on there.

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I always had a bit of each so I never gravitated to one over the other. I mean Nintendo has that nostalgia factor for me but I have enjoyed both Playstation systems as well as Xbox ones. My favorite console over all is still the Xbox 360 though.

Early gaming, I would say Sony. I was huge into a lot of their core games like MGS for example. As I got older, I got more into Xbox (Microsoft) so I have flopped back and forth with the consoles. I play on PC as well. Got into that a few years ago, have a custom gaming PC.

Nintendo hands down. I can go without Sony and Microsoft. I am fine just gaming on PC from here on out but I can’t be without my Nintendo fix. That is the only system I plan on getting each new system.

I would probably say Sony of the three. I feel like Nintendo has hit a repetitive loop with their games and I haven’t cared much for Xbox exclusives for the last 10 years now.

I not like console … playing only an PC … playing an steam, epic, origin, uplay … yay

Not partial to any of them. I tend to buy according to what I plan on playing. I will default to PC when possible. Since the PS3/X360 days, I have moved more to PC gaming so I am less focused on getting consoles and games for said consoles. I will play exclusives on them but if I can get a game on PC, 90% of the time I will.

I tend to prefer Sony’s exclusives over Xbox’s but I tend to like the Xbox consoles and interface more. This time around I am just getting the X Series. I have the PS4 now and I think I should switch things up a bit.

Sony > Nintendo > Microsoft

Since PC is not an option, I will not include that but I will say that for the most part, PC gaming is all I do these days. I have been almost entirely exclusive to PC gaming since 2012.