Where do they commonly stock Switches?

A friend of mine has wanted one since the beginning of the year and has yet to find one for sale online or in store. It seems like soon as somewhere gets stock, it sells out within minutes. What places are best to check for stock and when during the month is typical for stock to come in?

I think your best bet is to check Walmart and Target if you are in the US.

I know someone who is a manager at a Walmart and their “truck day” is usually on Tuesdays but they are getting two days as of late, so they also get shipments in on Fridays.

I would say to keep checking online but I don’t know if your friend would have any luck with that. I know some places do report on new shipments. Might be worth following some of those insider blogs that tell you this stuff.

I can’t say where they commonly stock them because I don’t ever see them in stock. Best bet is to call weekly to stores in your area and ask if they have stock in the afternoon the trucks are delivering stock.

You can keep an eye on this article: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/where-to-buy-nintendo-switch-december-2020-in-stock-at-walmart-right-now/1100-6475212/

They appeared to update it when they become available and the top retailers who tend to stock them most.