Whats the worst Pokemon

Pokemon have many things going for them cute, rich history, sexy, great games; however some Pokemon (every single bug pokemon) are just objectively bad (bugs are gross).

Lets start a thread on some other anti-patterns in the Poke-verse.

I think you mis-typed and and said ‘human’ you must’ve meant in-game. In that case its the most epic shiny (lucario) this is made doubly hard because lucario is 90% male according to bulbapedia (pokemon wikipedia) and as a result most of them have low self confidence (i suspect).

Gardevoir is probably the obvious answer.

I myself am partial to Glalie. It’s just a menacing head and some teeth, just how I like it.

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In terms of what? Looks or skill/play-ability?

I have always said that Magikarp is a waste of space. It takes FOREVER to evolve it and you can’t do crap with it.

Wait, what?

What is this topic meant to be? I feel like I just walked into a room I didn’t want to walk into lol

I mean if this is about sexualizing Pokemon, you guys do you but I ain’t on this !

I think the best Pokémon are really the ones that are the most iconic (Pikachu Eevee Lucario) so the worst gotta be the ones you forget. Anyone remember the dogs in swsh? Probably not! hah!

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Bugs can be cute. I like paras he is cool.

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Honestly Pokemon is for man children honestly. No real man plays that kiddie crap.

Listen people should play real man games like CSGO. Pokemon games are easy crap too. Like you just get Pikachu to level 100 then ohko loser trainers. Tooeasy my bro.

Wrong I, a man (manly) love pokémon especially the ice dog (glaceon)

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Agrred but what is the rush to grow up???

Keeping your youth is awesome… just think of the girls lol

casemods is right and you all know it. i don’t support bullying but you should be playing better games like star wars

no touch my glaceon pls.

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Adults play Pokemon, not unheard of. Some have children themselves and they can bond with their kids over an enjoyed hobby/game.

As for the worst Pokemon, I am not sure. There are like, what, over 800 of them now?

Feebas. It is basically the Walmart version of the dollar store Magikarp. Like they took to worst Mon and somehow made it even worse and uglier.

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I guess that is a fair point. The forgettable ones tend to be the least usable ones in battle or are just not good looking designs in general.

Came in here to say Feebas. Glad someone else mentioned it. It is not only ugly but worthless. And yeah, just a knockoff version of Magikarp.

I would say pretty much all pre-evolution Pokemon. Sure, there are some that don’t have evolutions but the ones that do, their pre-evolutions tend to suck in comparison.

When it comes to battles, probably only 25% of them are useful. A lot of filler and fluff is in there. Usually, when you want to make a team you look for the best abilities and full evolutions.