What your favorite games to play of all time?

what your favorite games to play of all time?

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cs1.6…hidden and dangerous (the whole series)…battlefield 2…half-life

It is kind of hard to pinpoint it to one game. I will go with a more modern game for the sake of that reason and say that I had hours upon hours of fun playing The Witcher 3.

I will say off the bat that it is Ocarina of Time. While this is still my all-time favorite, I have had fun with plenty of other games since then and have enjoyed games just as much if not more but the nostalgia is what keeps it where it is.


I have yet to play that game and my brother and friend are insisting I would love it. I just feel like it will basically take up all my time. I knew a guy on another forum that actually got addicted to it and it ruined his relationship. Like you heard of this stuff from WoW but not Witcher!

As for me, I think I will say Super Metroid.

So y’ve loved too much to play both the tdu and y was also an assidual player f world of warcraft before my old private server die and y was having also the profile about my oldest frofile of wow in the oldest xfire proram eh because me every day when y was going to turn on my pc the firt program y was going to oipen was xfire and trust me eh ???

you can have more than one favorite game that’s why said games lol. I have a huge long list of favorite games.

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