What would you consider the worst video game?

Since we have the best video game, I figured we should have a thread for the worst. So in your opinion, what would you consider the absolute worst video game? This can be based on what you have personally played or just generally speaking.

Does anyone remember Superman 64? LOL

I feel like this has to be number one for many other people out there. It was basically everything wrong with video games in one video game. lol


That was the first n64 game I ever played. I was at my cousin’s when I tried it and it made me glad my parents got us a playstation. LOL!

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I love Mario games growing up and when we got our first family PC, I got a very special gift from my grandmother for my birthday… It was Hotel Mario. That will forever be the worst video game to me. It makes no logical sense.


Was going to say Superman 64. I loved my Nintendo 64 but that game just ruined the entire console for so many people. I was one of the lucky few who always had multiple consoles because I had older siblings and 2 of them worked and bought them themselves so seeing the comparison between that game and games on the Playstation was just pathetic.

Easily Superman 64. I can’t think of any other game that has been that bad. Like they legit made the worst possible game imaginable for the N64. Don’t get me wrong, there were some duds but holy crap was that an awful game. I remember my mom let me rent it and she was mad I wasn’t playing it lol

Theres Bubsy 3D

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any full-priced game that has microtransactions in it, to be real


I absolutely HATED that game. My biggest issue with it was that my youngest brother was obsessed with it. I think he was too young to understand how terrible it was.

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This is true man, so true. I can’t stand that this has become a standard for so many gaming companies. I blame EA for this crap. I swear they started it.

Of the games I have played, Batman: Dark Tomorrow takes the cake. I had it for the GameCube. I actually had no real interest in it and it was bought as a Birthday gift for me. I should have just returned it but nope, I opened it… from the horrible graphics to the downright terrible camera angles, this game was nothing but a giant repetitive mess.

I completely forgot about that hot mess. I remember my cousin rented it one of the weekends I was staying at his house. We ended up taking it back after 30 minutes and getting them to exchange it for something else.

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I am sure many others did. Anytime I meet a huge Batman fanatic around my age, I bring up the game and they immediately say that they pretend it was never made.

BIG RIGS. At full price.