What is wrong with people?

Okay, I don’t know what started this trend but I saw a video of a few guys doing it on Twitter. They are blowing their vape smoke (or vapors) into their new Xboxes. Like you legit just spent all that money… Why would you do this? It isn’t smoke either, it is vapor so it is not like it can’t form a residue inside the machine. Microsoft had to actually publicly ask people not to do this.

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Honestly, I can’t tell you. These days people will do anything to be trendy or have a video/picture go viral. I feel like these kinds of people ruin the reputations of a lot of people who enjoy video games though. It is bad enough we have video games being blamed for gun violence. We don’t need to add to it!

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LOL I legit thought this was a joke until I saw that Microsoft actually tweeted out asking people not to do it. I feel like the smarter tech gets, the dumber people are getting. It would be sad if we suddenly found ourselves in a world where technology stopped working. Sad for people like these I mean.

I am not on Twitter so I haven’t heard of this but my buddy did mention it the other day. I had no idea what he was talking about and now I do. Holy crap… I think this is just the result of people having too much dang time on their hands. Reminds me of the “Will ___ Break ___” videos on YouTube with the phones and consoles.

Anytime I see people or hear of people doing dumb things like this, I don’t question the value of the console to them, I question the value they have for their own time. Like you spent your money on said console and if you aren’t taking care of it, that says more about how you value your worth than the console.

I saw a video floating around of a guy who started up the PS5 right after getting it, then took a bat to it and his TV right after. I don’t get this stuff. Is it meant to be funny? I think it is just wasteful.

Glad I am not the only one who thinks people that do this crap aren’t right in the head lol Like come on man, you just spent all that money and you just wanna use it as an excuse to “go viral” online for being stupid.

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