What is up with Twitch "thots" and getting banned over and over?

I put the word in quotations because to me, the definition of the word isn’t bad. It is just an honest way of saying “I use my body and my image to get money on Twitch” which is fair game, the way I see it. If you look good and people are willing to throw money at you for it, that is easy money. I’d do it myself if I was a good looking woman lol

Anyways, Kiaraakitty recently got banned and the main focus of this ban which has been the same for that other gal, Alinity (I dislike her for animal abuse reasons and feel she should have been kicked off permanently over that) is that these bans never last long. She was banned just earlier this year and was allowed back.

Many of these women get banned only to be allowed back on time after time but if someone who is playing a game slips up (mostly an issue for dudes), they get banned for much longer and in some cases, get permi-banned which to me is not fair.

I think they need to sort this crap out already. I stopped even using Twitch because they seem to be going overboard with the PC police and propping up of senseless content and low-quality creators.

I don’t follow any of this nonsense so I couldn’t tell you. I don’t even know who this Kiara is. The only things I watch anymore on Twitch are live events, speedrunners, and the occasional gambling. I love watching people hit big on virtual slots. My brother moved to the UK 6 years ago and I have been jealous cause he can just sit at home and gamble lol


Yeah, I don’t follow this stuff either. I don’t know any females on Twitch if I am being perfectly honest. I agree with you OP though. I think if they got it and can flaunt it for money, why not? I would rather see women make money keeping their clothes on in the safety of their own homes too.

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If anyone is wondering, she got banned because someone had a wardrobe malfunction in her hot tub. The only reason I know about this is because my friend is basically a simp for her. lol It wasn’t even an issue with her and I think she might already be back or will be at the end of the week.


LOL what is it with girls on Twitch getting banned over their boobs or other regions being flashed live? Just wear normal clothing girls. It is not that hard!! haha


Nothing like a little sex appeal to drag in gullible 17 year olds into donating all their part-time job income to get their name said.

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I will never understand this market but I am all for it. I mean if simps want to simp, at least this kind of work is safer for woman then being out on the streets or something ya know? The only issue I ever had with it was that it took away from women who just want to be normal streamers and play video games.

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Twitch really needs to fix their rules and follow them the same for everyone. I know some people who got suspended or banned for WAY less and these girls (the ones who tend to be attractive and act “slutty”) get away with almost anything.

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I agree with you man. I don’t care what these women do but they get special treatment when they mess up which is not fair. I thought Twitch promoted equality… Sure does not look like it to me.

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I mean there is a market here for Twitch. They make money off these girls so they want to keep them around. Likely why they are easier on them.

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I think they will learn their lesson with this when they start losing money. I feel like this kind of thing will eventually come back to bite companies in the butt.

In some cases, it already is. I have seen a lot of this special treatment to certain people based on their gender or skin color backfiring and companies losing millions. You win some you lose most I suppose. Oh well!

Well, in light of a new newsletter about actions on off-site conduct with twitch, I wonder how many people will get banned for dumb stuff, including thottery.

The listed reasons are fine, but that predicate of “and more” is concerning.