What is next for Rockstar?

I see people talking about RDR3, the Bully 2, and GTA 6 but nothing has been mentioned, hinted at, or even announced in a very long time from them. I just want to know what game they will be releasing next. I know it takes some time but they are really riding out GTA 5 hardcore at this point. The game is old as dirt now.

They had planned to do another Bully 2 and were running promotions to hype things up. Remember the sales merch they had? Well, it didn’t get enough feedback or positive attention so they scrapped their plans with it.

I never knew they planned on doing another Bully 2. Last I heard, and keep in mind this was just rumored, but they are said to have started working on GTA 6. Some are speculating it will be a 2023 release, some are saying 2022.

They won’t focus on anything until GTA V stops earning them good money. They have been riding that game for years and I think just did another release for the world online. I can’t remember what it is. They just keep hooking people back in.

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This is what I keep telling people. If they want a new game, stop playing GTA V and they will start making a new game. They are going to ride it as long as they can.

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I don’t know how this company functions in terms of timelines anymore. They used to release a new game every like 3 or 4 years and while they did give us RDR2 in 2018, prior to that was GTA V in 2013 which was 5 years prior. So we should expect a new game from them next year or the year after.

I imagine making an open world game is harder than ever since with the engine technology available, you can do more with games than ever which means more bugs than ever! lol. See CYBERPUNK as a recent example of this! and Esp with new consoles coming out I can see their inhouse engine needing some tweaking too.

Too soon for another red dead I am betting pretty hard (10 BTC) on it being GTA6.

They’re just gonna milk GTA:O and RDO until they’re bone dry and stale 5 years down the line. I wouldn’t even hold your hopes up.

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I don’t know if people will continue to pay for another 5 years. The graphics will be rather dated for the kind of game it is… Although they did bump the game to next gen.

Yup. If you are going to complain and continue to play the game, you are basically part of the problem. Some people don’t see it that way though.

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I wouldn’t mind them starting a new game. Like not a GTA or Bully or Red Dead game but a new, fresh series. I am just not sure what they could do for something like this that hasn’t been done.

Not much of anything it would seem. I don’t think they are going to stop working on GTA V until enough people stop playing it. I mean it is an easy money maker for them still and they are using that and Red Dead online to boost investors.