What is going on with Steam and China?

I saw something about China launching their own Steam, for Chinese citizens only. Seems a bit racist if you ask me… lol Joke aside, I feel like this is going to do some damage to Steam longterm because they have A TON of gamers that buy games from China. Does anyone know more about what is happening?

Chinese government crackdowns. They want to only allow games to be played that they approve so this is yet another way they control their people. It is sad and scary at the same time. I know someone who immigrated here (US) when he was 9 and his family said it was the best decision they ever made. They look at China now and are terrified for the people.

Afaik, Steam doesn’t legally operate in China. Still the Chinese people use the program to buy stuff.

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Doesn’t Steam have a huge market in China as well? I remember reading that somewhere. This is especially true with certain PC games.

EDIT: Not in, rather, with. I wasn’t aware it didn’t operate there.

I don’t follow many things that happen in China these days but I know they do want to control what comes in the country. It is basically North Korea with money at this point. Such a shame. A friend I have that lives in the UK goes back and forth to China for work and was off all last year because of the virus. He said it kind of scary how much has changed in the country since he was a kid.