What game are you currently playing?

Whether you are grinding on one game, or you are playing a few at a time, share what you are currently playing.

At this moment, I have been playing a lot of CoD Cold War. Been having a blast with my friends on it. The campaign has been really impressive as well. I am about 20% done with it.

You and all my friends seem to be enjoying it. I didn’t get it. I am still debating on it. I would more than likely have to get it on PC and I am not sure it is worth it considering what launcher I would have to use to play the game…

Anyways, I am mostly playing through Amnesia: Rebirth. I tend to stick with one game until I finish it.

GreedFall on Steam, a good action RPG

The last game I played was last night, played some Rocket League with friends. I play on Steam and some of them play on consol. Had a blast though. I haven’t played RL since the beginning of the year.

Been playing Planet Coaster on my PS4. It has been an experience. I kind of love and hate the game. I was going to get it on PC and changed my mind and my sister ended up getting it for me for my birthday. I feel like this kind of game is best on PC. I am still enjoying it, even though it can be frustrating at times.

Finished the CoD Cold War campaign. It was short but it was very enjoyable. I got it done in a week and I was taking my time. Had I rushed it, I likely could have gotten it beat in only 3 days, maybe even 2. Still. I wish they made it longer. That is my only complaint.

Playing through Ghost of Tsushima for a second time. Just waiting for a few games to come out on Steam as well as for the Cyberpunk release.