What does your setup look like?

Whether you game on console or PC, what does your setup look like?

My PC is on one of those generic IKEA table desks that a lot of YouTubers use. I have my tower on the desk with my monitor centered on one of the platforms with a shelf beneath it. I have a dump tray in front of my keyboard (for random stuff I keep at my desk) and a small storage container to the left of the monitor for pens and what not.

Recently my game setup has been pitiful. I just emulate games on my OK laptop and use a switch pro controller. I dont have room rn to set up my pc or other consoles :confused:

I have a small office where my desk and computer are. I also have a medium-sized TV for console gaming in the room with a recliner a friend gave me. It is a pretty small room and not much going on it but I didn’t want to do anything major until I moved.

I just have an older corner desk that my sister gave me in the corner of my living room. I don’t have a dedicated office or anything. My apartment is just a small 2 bedroom place.

I have an IKEA desk too! Which color do you have? I got the white one marked down. It has a lot of chips in it but for the price, it is a sturdy desk!

I also have a generic computer chair that is white in that fake leather. Got that on eBay for like $100. I think it was just some generic Chinese chair that is unbranded. As for what is on my desk, just my monitor and keyboard. I like to keep the surface clear because I draw on my tablet weekly and use the space for that.

I have my consoles in the living room by the big TV. My desk area is in the basement. There is a finished area that functions as a home office so I have it decked out down there. I will sit on my laptop at the dining table if I want to be upstairs.

I need a new desk actually. I am always seeing/hearing about people on Twitch and YouTube using those IKEA ones. Are they those ones where you buy the table top and legs separate and they end up only costing like $40? If so, I might get a few of those. I would have way more room and still be spending less. The desk I was going to get is like $250.

^ yeah those are the same thing.

There are a few different options but most people use the ones you mentioned. I have two myself. I have had them since 2016 I think and they are still going the job. They do chip easy though so they don’t look perfect. They got damaged during delivery which sucked but it wasn’t major enough. I just faced that part at the wall and put black tape over the rest of the imperfections.