What are your views on ROMs?

I am always curious to ask this when I join a new community. I feel like some people are for them while others are completely against them. I am in the middle. If I owned the game at some point in my life, I think It is justifiable that I can play the ROM on an emulator. I view TV series the same way. I pay cable and if I have access to watch a show on said cable, I see nothing wrong with watching streams online.

Well, I can’t say I never played any. I tend to play very old school roms though and because most of them are Nintendo, it is hard to find them. I got a new PC and forgot to save my files so I lost most of them.

I used to not care but as I got older, I kind of took the same view as you OP. If you have supported the company by buying it in the past then I see no issue with playing them but if you never owned the game, it is kind of stealing in that sense.

I really don’t feel strong one way or the other about them. I mean if people want to play them, go for it. I don’t personally because I have kept all my consoles and games so if I really wanted to play some old school games, I can.

If you support the company, I think it is fine. Like if you are just downloading games like this and not buying anything from the company at all, then it is pretty bad. That is like when people use to download full CDs and movies, with no intention of paying for anything.

So we can generally agree it is okay under certain conditions? I have only spoken to people who were 100% for it or 100% against it and there was no gray area. I thought that was rather silly.