What are you playing right now? (topic open to everyone except casemods)

what has everyone here been playing lately?
for me its been rocket league

p.s. anyone that replies with “among us” is getting reported.

p.p.s casemods do NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD

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Among Us is a game I wanted before it became popular, ironically enough. It was on my Steam wishlist for like 4 or 5 months. I thought it would be fun for me and a group of friends. I forgot about it and then it blew up. lol

As for what I have been playing lately, well the last game I had played was Stardew Valley. My, my friend, and his wife play on a server together. Gotten into it more lately since worked picked back up and it is an easy game to just chill out at night and play for an hour. I haven’t played Rocket League since it got removed from Steam.

While I did play Among Us, I haven’t in a long time so no need to report me lol

Recently, I have been getting back into Warframe. I know it is a repetitive game but I really enjoy playing it with a few friends.

I just beat Golden Sun 1 and 2 so I’m not sure what to play next. I started Minish Cap but i dont know if Im in the mood for that.

Been playing Minecraft with my nephew. My brother finally got called back to work and has been very busy and kind of had to leave him hanging so since I have free time most evenings, I told him I would play with him. It is interesting seeing this game through a child’s mindset. He is 9 but so creative with things.

Lately, not much of anything. Trying to get back into gaming. I mean I have dry spells where I just can’t bring myself to play something for more than like 10 minutes.

Have found myself returning to Overwatch of late