Want to win a ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ gaming laptop?

There is a contest going on Twitter right now using the hashtag #Shutterpunk2077.

They are looking for people to use the photo mode to get screenshots in portrait, action, and scene.

Here is some info on that and the rules:

Portraits can be of any character, V included. Action is meant to be something in a gunfight or as the rules suggest, a car chase, though uh, with the current vehicle AI in the game, those really only exist in a few scripted mission cutscenes, so good luck with that, unless you’re able to convincingly fake one in Cyberpunk. Scene is just making Night City look pretty, and while it may be the most boring, I’m sure that some people can come up with good shots for them.

There are a few specific rules you need to follow here. First, you cannot use any frames or stickers, even though those are a part of photo mode, nor can you take the photo and edit it with any visual editing program. Not sure how they’ll be able to check all submissions for that, as some tweaks could be subtle, but I suppose you might as well just not risk it.


I think this is their way of promoting the game and keeping people involved with it because of all the backlash. It is a smart move regardless. I don’t use Twitter though and I am not going to make an account just for this.

That seems to be a good deal, for what it is worth. I mean you just take a few pics and you can win a pretty solid laptop. I too am not on Twitter. I have an account but stopped using it back in 2017 when people started getting out of control being toxic on there. I have since forgotten my password which is probably a good thing. lol

Nah, I’m good. lol

I don’t need a laptop and I am not going to join in on one of these social media “contests” to get free stuff. They make money off them through information and data.

What do you mean they make money off information and data?? I mean if this was the case, they would be running it through a third-party site. They are just using hashtags on Twitter so if you use Twitter, your data is being sold anyways lol it is all public.

I think its also to make the game look nice to people who havent bought it yet because most people not playing the game have only seen videos/screenshots of the bugs and glitches.

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What are the specs of the laptop? I didn’t see it in the article but I could have overlooked it. Too lazy to read the entire thing. I just want to know what kind of laptop it is. I know to play this game on a laptop it would have to be a pretty beefy one.

Does the laptop work better than the game?


admin with the zinger! :joy:

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I will be honest here, if I were to bother trying this contest, I likely would not be spending time playing Cyberpunk on that laptop lol

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I couldn’t find the specs myself. The only thing I know is that it is an Alienware gaming laptop, likely their budget model. Maybe a 2020 or 2019 laptop.

This is true, that is a valid point. It should in theory help their sales to some degree but I think far too many people have seen the issues with it.