Wait, Pokemon Snap is going to be a thing again?

I didn’t know people wanted something like this. I remember the one on N64 cause my little sister loved playing it. It was an okay game, nothing special imo and still isn’t. I guess this is more marketed toward kiddos though.

Pokemon will always be a kid’s game fist. They know they need to continue to pump out stuff like this to keep kids interested and it is just smart marketing. Does anyone here plan on playing this game? I have a strong urge to press X on that one but they will likely sell tons of copies to parents whose kids enjoy this stuff.

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Just a chance to modernize the title and get kids’ parents to buy more games. I am sure it will end up being a good game for what it is. Plenty of childrens games out there are. Heck, Viva Pinata was considered a kids game and even I played that. Remember that one? lol I am sure some Pokemon fans who are adults will buy this game as well.

I can see people like that aDrive guy playing this. I used to watch his content when I cared about Pokemon. I don’t anymore. I got back into it in 2014 but lost most interest 4 or 5 years later. I mainly enjoyed battles with people. Didn’t care about the cards, the games, whatever.

I won’t lie, I did like this game but I was a kid when the original came out and if it is anything like any other reboot of an old game, I likely won’t enjoy it.

I remember this game but not from actually playing it. Just commercials. I didn’t know anyone who played it but I think I was older when it came out.