Video game spending broke records this year?

I really find this hard to believe. I read about it on several different sites though and it would appear that spending in the video game sector is at an all-time high. How? Last I heard, people were losing their jobs left and right and unemployment was at an all-time high.

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I thought the same when I heard. Like I know more people who lost their jobs than kept them this year. I guess maybe a lot of people buying is a result of people being bored during lockdown?

People love spending money and hate being bored. My guess is this is down to the lockdown like Bluue said. I mean a lot of people got those checks in the US and I am sure other places helped people out too so being out of work for a lot of adult gamers likely led to more spending.

I can’t say my spending has been up more. If anything, I have gone without. Usually, I buy a lot of games over the summer since I have more free time (I am a teacher) but this year, I just couldn’t afford it. I am glad others were still able to enjoy games this year. I ended up getting a few titles but had to skip some other ones.

Not everyone was struggling with money. Some people had savings they were able to live off of and many received checks from the government.

I think a lot of big places end up seeing more sales while smaller chains continued to lose money. I know the local GameStop in my area closed and the second closest one is set to close at the end of January 2021.

I think this comes down to people being stuck at home. Kids were pulled out from school, several adults were not able to work for 4 to 8 weeks, in some cases even longer… Boredom and stress lead to a boom in gaming sales.

Ah yeah the checks. I bet you a lot of younger people especially got those and just bought games, TVs, etc. with them. Especially ones who still live at home.