Valve Says More Players Use Controllers Today

If you are on Steam, do you play mostly with a controller or do you use a keyboard?

If I am given the option, I use a controller. I have been using an Xbox One wired controller for the last several years. Prior to that, a 360 controller. I am no surprised to find out that more players on PC use controllers now than just two years ago.

Check out the article:

I play on controller. If the game doesn’t allow controller support, I am 90% less likely to bother with it. I like to sit back. There are some games I am fine with on keyboard like WoW, Minecraft, etc. but in most other games (especially FPS) I need a controller.

I would say this has been the case for a while now. People who got tired of buying consoles and invested in gaming computers still wanted the ease of use that comes with a controller. I know for me, I prefer it.

I wanna just say “well no s*** Sherlock!” lol

I don’t know a single gamer who plays on PC who exclusively uses a keyboard. It just makes sense to use a controller when it is an option.

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Yeah I don’t know why this is surprising or at least written in a way to convince people it is a shock. A lot of people left gaming on consoles just for easier access to streaming.

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From my understanding, a lot of younger gamers have begun playing on PC and since their only prior experience with gaming was consoles, this spiked up the numbers quite a bit. I started out PC gaming with keyboard only games years ago.

Yup! Think of how many people now enjoy playing games on Twitch or YouTube. This all changes around 2010 when “lets plays” really blew up.