Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Want to play a silly sandbox with unlimited battles… For free?

I spotted this and thought I would share it. Normally $15 but free right now for a limited time. I am going to DL it and see what it is like. Looks fun!

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I was hoping this was an online game. Like it looks fun but I have way more fun playing this kind of stuff with friends. I will still download it though.

Okay this looks silly but also like a lot of fun. This is the kind of game I like for when I have nothing to do and need to kill time. Based on the reviews, it seems decent too. Going to download it now before I forget.

I have no idea why, but I set Steam to ignore this game.
But hey, free is free, so I added it to my library :sunglasses:
Thanks for the heads up @Prolix

PS, it’s only free for another few days:

Free to keep when you get it before 1 Feb @ 10:00am

Oh shoot. I am downloading this now. I didn’t know it was free and ends today. I nearly missed the deal on it. lol

Looks like it has gotten some bad reviews recently but I would imagine this kind of game is not for everyone. The fact that it is single-player would imply to me that I likely wouldn’t get hours of enjoyment from it but since it is free, even if I only play it for an hour, that is fine because I spent nothing on it. I have it downloading right now. I will check it out when it is done.

I got it and it is a silly game. I don’t think it is worth $15 though. I would price this around a $5 game max. I got it free so not a big deal but I would not buy this game full price.