Twitch Pledges Its Commitment To Sustaining Accessible Gaming

This is some good news. I think it is fantastic that there are more things going forward for those who are disabled and still want to enjoy and have access to gaming. While I am not a fan of some of the terms they throw around, it is clear they are doing some good here. I am all for it.

The non-profit AbleGamers organization advocates for more accessibility and diversity in gaming in an effort to make video games more inclusive. Steve Spohn is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at AbleGamers, appearing on news outlets CNN, NBC, and more to discuss AbleGamers and why accessibility in gaming is important.

Spohn also has a sizable following on Twitch, with his channel boasting over 18,000 followers. Spohn, who is disabled, advocates for diversity and inclusion in the video game space as a means to combat social isolation (and inaccessible game setups) faced by many people with disabilities who are into video games. This is in addition to the overarching goal of making the games themselves more approachable and playable.

On December 20, Spohn held a charity event on Twitch to exchange gifts with followers and raise money for accessibility and diversity. They also raise money that goes towards families in need who otherwise couldn’t afford a holiday meal. The event is something he does during the holidays every year, but the circumstances around the coronavirus pandemic made the festivities feel extra special this year.

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I agree that there needs to be more for disabled gamers in certain areas of gaming but to lump it in with “diversity” seems odd. I have only ever seen that term being used to pertain to skin color and making things “less white”. Not to get political or anything, just saying.

I didn’t even know of this program but I approve. I have a friend whose brother is disabled and he struggled with gaming most of his life because of it. I mean if they can make options for people with physical or mental disabilities to allow them to enjoy gaming to the fullest extent, I am all for it.

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A lot of people are restricted in what they can enjoy when it comes to games down to disabilities so it helps when there is more attention brought to this. I remember not so many years ago, they began using Wii’s in nursing homes to help older folks because they realized the games were a good way to keep the brain active and healthy.

Anything to help people enjoy games more, I am all for it! Some people are born disabled, others have accidents or medical conditions that take a toll on them. It isn’t fair but making this like gaming more accessible is a good thing.