Twitch Bans "Simp," "Incel," And More

Words like “simp” and “incel” will be banned from Twitch streams and comment sections in a revamped conduct policy that outlines clearer guidelines on what is and isn’t harassment.

In a blog post about the change, Twitch writes that the new rules are going into effect because the company “prioritizes minimizing harm to our users over freedom of expression, and we will limit some expression with the goal of preventing [and] protecting users from … hateful behavior and harassment.” As such, a number of phrases will be banned on the platform.

“Simp,” “incel,” “virgin,” and words that negatively target another person sexually and/or insult another person’s sexual activity are “not allowed under this new policy,” COO Sara Clemens said during a town hall. “We’re also proactivity denying emotes that include the term ‘simp’. We’ve removed [and] recorded them, and we’ll keep doing that once the policy changes.”


Okay, is it just me, or is this a bit much? Most people use the term “simp” as a meme. It isn’t meant to put people down, just laugh at blind lust and how guys can get trapped in it by a beautiful girl. I don’t understand how the word can be so toxic it has to be banned. It isn’t like a racial slur or something. Also, so what if someone is a virgin? Why is it considered an insult to call someone a virgin? I would rather be called that than the hard opposite. Maybe this is just me.

They are just going to find another word and use that. A friend of mine said they will start calling them “shrimps” or something that sounds like it. Twitch is going to keep going down this hill until they crumble to the ground. Oh well!

Twitch is run by simps, what do you expect? lol

In all seriousness, I haven’t liked their policies for a long time. They let women like Alinity get away with so much and they target guys for much less. It is disgusting. She abused animals on stream, openly admitted that she used marriage as a means to get into Canada, and she flashed her boobs for money on several occasions.

This is the direction they are heading now… I used to think this was better than YouTube but they are following the same formating with this hate speech nonsense that will likely end up hurting more people than it actually helps. Why does everyone have to suffer at the expense of such a small percentage?

Banning virgin seems stupid. Like of all of these words, that is the dumbest one to ban. I know a few guys who waited until they met the right one, same with a few gals. It is not unheard of and not an insult but I guess this is referring to people who are virgins, not out of choice. But still. wth Twitch.

Did you see what happened since they did this? They saw a rise of nearly 97% in the use of the term “simp”. This is why you don’t do stupid stuff like this. You make words like this into a swear word and people are just going to use it and say it more.

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I came in here to say that! LOL I thought it was hilarious how fast people just started abusing the word. You can’t make stupid rules like this and expect nothing to happen.

Why does Twitch find these offensive? As a virgin, I’m confused that they’d ban that of all words…

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Apparently calling someone a virgin is an insult I guess, I have no idea. I mean this was the case in high school but apparently a lot of grown adults are still in school. lol

Makes me wonder if Twitch is particularly marketed to a sensitive group of people.

We have a small portion of adults who never grew up and they lack the ability to handle things without becoming an emotional mess. This is the kind of stuff being catered to and what bothers me about this is what this will do to our future. Younger people will see this kind of behavior gets responses and they will do it. We will have nothing but people crying, complaining, and demanding things because they can’t control their emotions. I stopped using Twitch when they started punishing guys over the dumbest things and allowing thots to run wild and flash, tease, and everything else. That one that force fed her cats alcohol is trash.

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I don’t like when people call me a virgin (as well as other insults) but I dont think twitch should ban the words!

Man I bed mad gamer girls if I wanna call someone a INCEL I will ok.


ur virginity is safe here. ur with your kind on this form


I don’t think it is Twitch but the people who are either in charge being scared of outrage culture or people who have “powers” telling them they need to change things. I mean last I heard there was a bunch of weirdos they put in charge of moderation and one of them was so mentally unstable they believed themselves to be a deer.

…lolol :stuck_out_tongue: funny guy.