Tiggy's official thread

I always make a thread like this when I join forums, if you don’t believe me check my post history.

just wanna say biden sucks. i’m not american. the crazy thing about trump is i’ve heard putin talk so much over the years but I’ve never understood any of it cause he speaks russian. with trump, its the opposite

this thread is for whatever you want, its absurd we don’t have one yet. if you’re sad about life just post here in tiggy’s official thread

follow the community guidelines this isn’t a barn

mod(s) please sticky this

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Hi Tiggy I am currently experience severe anxiety as my girlfriend snapchatted me a picture of her at a party with my two “friends” Tay’Quellis and Grzegorz last night while I was sleeping for work. I trust her, but I don’t trust TQ at times… as he can be quite Dark and shady. Now I am at my desk at work and I can’t stop trembling. I don’t know how to confront her about what have happened with her and TQ-- I know Grzegorz wouldn’t do that to me as he is a man of upstanding morals from Poland but TQ is from Detroit and I know things are a bit… different… over there.

Can you help cheer me up


I wouldn’t trust Grzegorz tbh. LOL


Sorry to be so brash but I think your gf is getting a healthy portion of kielbasa from Grzegorz LOLL


Guys that’s my friend lol

Although I keep him away from my 14 year old sister because he says weird things about little girls sometimes… always just assumed it was a cultural thing :slight_smile:

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tigger is our word but you can use tiggy


Hey there. Was your name Tiggy on the old Xfire? What place you from? I am in the US… And yeah Biden… Is, well, not fit for being a president. I will leave it at that. Trump wasn’t fit either but for less problematic reasons no matter what the “media” says.

My name was Niggy (it was a bad racist joke for black people in my youth) sorry mods in advance

I am from Brazil and I am light skinned

what’s “the media” not sure this term? I think most people can agree that trump should be impeached not once, not twice, but three times.

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That is a bit on the tongue there lol You’d get banned on Twitter for a name like that.

I think he means mainstream media, like the big time news outlets in the US… The CNNs and NBCs.

Happy to see others joining! Welcome aboard Tiggy.

no one cares about twitter except for baby president. isn’t fox the biggest cable in US?