Thoughts on WoW Alliance and Horde players raiding together?

I don’t play much these days but I do still enjoy the game now and then. I usually will play it with a group of friends for a month or two each year. When I saw something on this, I was a bit confused because the whole core of the game has been a “them vs us” kind of setup. You pick a side and the other side is your enemy. If WoW allowed this one day, how would you feel about it?

I was always on the horde side when I played. I mean this really depends on where they plan on going. I am a bit out of the loop. I haven’t played since around 2012. I think that if it was for raids and they could still hurt each other, it would get sloppy.

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I don’t think this is a good idea simply because the entire concept of the game was built on you are either on the side of the horde or the side of the alliance. I would not be a fan of this change at all.

It has been such a long time since I played WoW that I didn’t even know it was still popular. I see it is though but not as much as it was in the mid to late 00s. Either way, I can’t see them changing this. It wouldn’t make sense for them to do it.

This is news to me, I think they are doing it due to lower player numbers these days?
I don’t like the idea of it as its always been Horde VS Alliance!

How are the player counts? Maybe instead of focusing on ruining the game, they should get rid of the subscription for the game or make it cheaper. I bet that would get more people playing it.

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Seems a bit strange. I mean I can’t see them doing this but if they did, it would likely be restricted to certain areas and there would be some kind of PvP free zone.

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Would seem odd, but Chains of Domination might hint at that.

IMHO, they should really just establish the traditional major third faction, the Scourge, as playable and into the system. There will be players who will jump at the chance of beating on both Horde and Alliance. They won’t even care that even neutral NPCs will always be hostile to them.

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^ that is a good point. Introducing another faction would actually breath new life into the game too. I get why they kept it just to two for so many years but they need something to refresh it and having the Horde and Alliance team up ain’t it!


I’m actually surprised it’s gone on this long that a third faction that is an enemy of both already in the lore since Warcraft 3 hasn’t been done yet. Given how WoW is really just a bragging rights and trolling party, there’d be tons of players wanting to beat up on Alliance and Horde alike.

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I would probably get back into WoW if they did this. LOL

I feel like I have burned through both sides and have become bored with the game. If they actually introduce a new side with new races… Man I would be all over that. They would likely hook me in for at least 6 months of weekly playing.

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They already have the Undead/Forsaken playable race. Just splinter off a couple of other existing races from the Alliance and Horde as corrupted Scourge supporters. They can add new Scourge specific races later on. Again, it’s perplexing that Blizzard hasn’t figured this out instead of going back to the vanilla Alliance vs. Horde after Battle for Azeroth.