The Red Strings Club worth a play?

I remember someone mentioning this on YouTube in a video I was watching saying it has some deep connective story within the game and I meant to play it but never did. It is on sale right now for less than five bucks so I am thinking about snagging it but I wanna see if anyone else here had good experiences with it.

I never heard of it. I searched it and while it looks good, for what it is, this is not the kind of game I could have fun with. Too much reading for me. It has amazing reviews though so if you are interested or were at one point, may as well get it while it is on sale.

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looks interesting but doesn’t seem like my “cup of tea”. I prefer games that let me do the talking with my weapons if you catch my drift. I’m also sick of indie games having pixel graphics tbhh

At five bucks mind as well swing for it and see for yourself

…then let us know if its any good :yum:

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A friend of mine enjoyed this game a lot and talked me into buying it. I played maybe 10 or 20 minutes of it and lost interest. It is one of those platformers where you choose the dialog and the direction of the interactions. Not much more to it than that.

$5 is not much. Go for it. I have heard of it but never actually played it or looking into it beyond passively hearing good things. Read the reviews, both positive and negative ones, and decide from there.

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I ended up getting it cause yeah, it was only a few dollars so why not?

I only played maybe 30 min of it and it is a decent game. Not something I would normally play but I intend on finishing it.

Glad you are enjoying it. It seems like a lot of people out there find that they do but some just aren’t into this kind of game. I personally wouldn’t even play it if it were free but that is just me. I got refunded for it.

I was going to say no but this is because, to me, the game feels insanely slow with only small bits of payoff now and then. Not my kind of game. Like Gat0r said though, I too am glad you are enjoying it because you either end up liking it a lot or just hating it.