The Master Chief Collection Getting 2021 Updates

The updates are going to focus on the following:

  • 343 Industries has outlined the development plans it has for Halo: The Master Chief Collection in 2021.
  • Numerous quality-of-life features, such as PC File Share and Additional Video Settings, are on the way.
  • Other features, such as PC splitscreen and additional mod support, are currently either in the design phase or are in the studio’s backlog.
  • Additionally, new armor sets that players can earn in Season 5 were also teased.

You can read more about it here:

I am personally excited for this since I have been a longtime Halo fan. I got the collection on PC when it all came out.

I had no idea they were going to do more for this. I might have to pick it up. It has been a long time since I played Halo but I used to love online matches with friends.

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I haven’t played a Halo game since like 2008. I was tempted to get this but decided against it because I heard the online lobbies are not very active. If that isn’t true, given they plan on pushing through updates, I might just snag it. I wonder if Steam has it on sale…?

I was going to buy the 3rd one a few months back when it was on sale and changed my mind. Now I wish I snagged it. I will wait and see though. See if they do these updates and if they breathe life back into the games first.

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I ended up getting it and I love it. I mean it is a very old game but still runs great all things considered. Matchmaking can be a bit of a pain at times but I think it is well worth it.

I don’t know about this. Seems odd to do updates on older games like this. Almost feels like they are copping out and being lazy instead of making new games. Maybe that is just my own hot take on it though.

Well, they are in the process of making Halo Infinite as well so I don’t get how that argument could be made.

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Yeah, I was going to mention that. They are developing a new game so you can’t really say they are just using older titles to make money.