The custom black PS5 creators issuing refunds

Sup3r5 was a brand new website that launched back in December and started to take pre-orders for a custom black PlayStation 5. Those who had a keen eye pointed out how this new company had no prior history or product done in the past. Apparently, this was the work of someone on reddit who shared their custom black-themed PS5 with a PlayStation 30th Anniversary design.

Today, in a statement that Sup3r5 shared on Twitter, they cited receiving credible threats to their security and confirmed that they will be canceling all orders of the black PS5 and refunding those who had already paid for it.


It seems like it could have been a scam or sorts but the fact that they are giving people refunds doesn’t tell me this. I feel like people on Twitter just get carried away with too many things these days and overract to stuff they just don’t understand.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Based on their information and the fact that they are w ver new company, I would not have trusted them but that is just me. Either way, death threats are horrific and regardless of their reasoning, people should not have been doing that.

I remember my friend asking me about this and if he thought it was worth getting one. I told him not to risk it. There was a chance it could take them months to even get you one, if at all. I thought it was a scam and still do believe that. At least people got their money back.

You would think that Sony would have just had a black and white version to begin with. Or started with the black version and released the white one a year or two later. Black always looks better for consoles imo.