Thank you everyone

I just wanna say how good it feels to be back. Its been too long since there has been a civil game community around. Everyone is so negative and biased. Glad to be part of xfire again. Been a long time.

And thanks to everyone involved who made it happen. You have my support.

Thanks community! Thanks for such a warm welcome. Feels good! It’s also good to see some OG folk here. I hope I run into some old familiars.

Let’s have some fun!


Yay to fun (drinking is fun). There are some strange characters here but its all a part of xfire two charm i say (im actually typing this HAH)! :wine_glass: :wine_glass:

you’ve already made an enemy for life. tiggy.

Tiggy, watch out… a lot of killers out there get there start both playing video games and killing cats :wink:

Don’t Make the Wrong Enemy…

~The Five and Only, Mfive~


Lol! I looove memes, and that was funny.

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