Terraria Developer Is Locked Out Of Google Accounts

I saw this and I thought… What the heck? So the dev of Terraria, a game I actually enjoy, had his Google accounts locked. Likely down to something political… Gotta love PC culture (ffs). So he pulled the plug on developing the Stadia version and I say good for him. This is getting out of hand. Companies should not be able to discriminate against people based on their political beliefs. I thought we got past this crap. It is almost like this whole movement of “progress” is a shame and just supports discrimination.

This is the “future of gaming” LOL

I know being sick of this crap. I don’t like how everything has become a victim competition and things are all politicized. Something needs to be done. I mean everything is getting ruined. I don’t care about Google Stadia. Never did, never will. I do have a problem with them screwing over developers on a personal level though. F*** Google.

I don’t see any source that mentions the reason the Terraria Dev was locked out of his accounts, political or otherwise. Seems like a random error of some kind.

That being said this is damning on google products as a whole. He lost his email, YouTube and google drive for what seems to be no known reason. Google seems like theyre doing jack shit about it too.

If they ignore business partners like that, it makes me wonder how many normal people lost access to tons of data for seemingly no reason. Scary :fearful:

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I had a few emails of mine randomly closed. I had the passwords saved through Bitwarden as well so it isn’t like I forgot them. It just kept telling me I had the wrong password. Contacted Google over it and never heard back. This was last October. So yeah, they are just making themselves look bad.

The only place I have seen any news on this was via Twitter. I saw some screenshots on reddit.

Whether Google did it by mistake or on purpose, the fact that someone like this is being ignored is scary like lolimoon said. I mean if they are going to just brush people who are considered public figures off, just imagine what they think of us. I switched away from Google a few years ago and use my main e-mail through an encrypted e-mail provider.

I am going to guess this has nothing to do with personal things and Google just being Google. They suck as a company. I haven’t liked them in years. They do the same kind of crap on YouTube. They ignore people until you get enough people to start complaining about it with you.