Switch Games Up To 50% Off

I thought I would post this. I guess this is for last-minute shoppers but if you wanna pick up some games for up to half off, now is the time to do it.

There is a list in this article here: https://dailyvideogame.com/2020/12/amazon-slashes-up-to-50-off-on-several-nintendo-switch-games/

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Nice find if you happen to have a Switch. Most people I know that want one still haven’t been able to buy one. Soon as they hear they are in stock somewhere they are gone in like 10 minutes in-store and 10 seconds online. It is insane.

Seems like this is only for older games. You could probably find a better deal elsewhere buying them used. I guess if you are getting them for gifts you’d rather them be new though.

I never understood Christmas sales. Like yeah, games going half price is great but most people who wanted to play these games probably already did and it would not be the first time they went 50% off.

I haven’t been shopping with Amazon much this year because I am trying to spend money more at other gaming stores, smaller chains and such. I think Amazon has had too much success with all these businesses being shut down or forced to close. It is a shame. While there are some good deals there, I will skip on them.