Super-Secret Super Metroid Developers’ Map

This was posted on the news side of the site but I thought it was worth talking about. I am a pretty big fan of the classic Metroid games and Super Metroid is my favorite.

Seeing the full context of the map is incredible. I have never actually seen it drawn out with all the notes and details. It really takes me back and I can see some of my favorite areas within the finished map on that white-yellow piece of paper.

Check it out:

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I saw this. I was looking at it for awhile. The level of detail is nuts. I have to give credit to early Nintendo devs because they really went above and beyond for games like this one. I don’t see this as often these days.

Pretty neat. I was never a huge fan but I did get hours and hours out of enjoyment on that game. It is cool looking back. Been years since I played through it. I think the last time I played the game was in like 2005.

I never actually saw anything for this game in terms of the process of creating it. It is cool to see the hard work that was put into this map though. This is the stuff I think that tends to get lost on people when it comes to gaming.

Gosh, this takes me back. The map was a work of art, really and seeing this secret detailed dev map is so impressive. I mean I can really get a deeper appreciation for this game taking a look at details like this.