Super Nintendo World theme park - but in Minecraft?

I wanted to share this because I thought it was such a cool idea. This kind of project will likely take a while to do but for anyone having been to this theme park or even never having been but wanting to, it will be worth checking out. This is the kind of stuff I love about Minecraft.

Unless you’re currently living in Japan, your chances of heading to the new Super Nintendo World park when it opens on February 4 are pretty darn slim. But thanks to a group of creative Minecrafters, the park can soon be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

Planet Minecraft’s Dippy22 has been working on a 1:1 faithful recreation of the upcoming Super Nintendo World Japan park. It’s not fully finished yet, currently sitting at around 45% completion, according to the Planet Minecraft page


I would imagine this is using a lot of custom work and mods to have it function. Still pretty cool. I like that they are doing the replication with the Japanese words as well.

What is there that hasn’t been done or thought of being done in Minecraft? I remember not too long ago they did a full Cyberpunk 2077 map and before that, GTA V. I love it.

I am by no means a Minecraft player. I have played it here and there but never online. Just single-player. I do like seeing this kind of stuff though. If you see when it is done and public, post the server. I would like to check it out.

People who really enjoy this game do some amazing things with it. I could never get into it as these folks do. I do think it is one of the best modern games though because it is safe and enjoyable for all ages.

Hard to tell if it will look good by only a few pics. I wonder if they will include a texture pack at some point with this. That would probably make it look the best.