Still worth getting DOOM Eternal (PC) for online?

I was not able to get it when it came out since it was right at the start of the lockdowns from COVID-19 and I was going to be without a job for awhile. I ended up planning on getting it in June but more and more things piled up and I ended up just forgetting about it. Now that I have some extra money, I would like to get it but I want to make sure the online multi-player is still popular. Otherwise, I will wait for a sale.

It is still fairly active. I mean, I predict it to be active at least for a little while longer. I know it has dropped off a bit with the release of the consoles and people putting more attention on other games. I wouldn’t pay full price for it though expected the online activity to last.

It will have people playing it online for awhile. I mean heck, the older one still has people playing online. I think Xxtrain is right though, at this point you may as well just wait for a sale. It will likely be on sale for Steam’s Christmas/Winter event.

I mean I am still playing it online and I am having fun with it. I still bounce back to the older one too. A lot of people love the DOOM series so you will always find people playing the games.

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@Toxik Same here! If you are on Steam, DM me your username. I’ll add you. A lot of my friends are playing other stuff at the moment so I am looking for people to play with.

I would say yes. I mean based on what I have seen, plenty are still playing the game. Like mentioned, some even play the other one still. If you aren’t in a rush though just get it in sale.

Yeah, get it. I mean you can wait for a sale but it is still very active and still plenty of people playing it. I can’t remember the site but you can look up and see how many people are active on the game currently before you buy it if you want.