Steam Winter Sale

Thought I would make a thread for this since the sale just started today so no one misses out on it.

The sale is running from December 22nd until January 5th. You can check out the main deals for the day on the main page. I am not sure if they will add to them as the days go on or this is the best of what we get for the sale:

If you end up buying anything or find any good deals not shown on the main page, feel free to share.


I’ll check it out later. Their winter sales tend to be pretty dry in my experience. They don’t tend to have very many good deals going on. Their best ones tend to be in the summer. I will still browse it and see if I see anything.

Planet Coaster seems to be one of the better deals but the game is 4 years old. I remember wanting it but never wanting to pay that much for it. Then I realized how complex and time consuming the game and be and decided not to bother. I might get it though now.

They have some decent deals going. Picked up the classic DOOM games to mess around with. Going to see if I can get some custom maps going for some spicy end of the world-ness to cap off 2020.

I forgot about the sale until I got an e-mail the other day telling me a wishlist game was put on sale. Not sure if I will get anything but I will browse through the sales later tonight and see what I can find.

I didn’t end up getting anything this year. I had my eye on a few but changed my mind. I am working on saving money so the only titles I will likely get this year are new ones and AAA titles.