Steam made the right call with Super Seducer 3

I am all for games being viewed as art and people having creative freedom no matter how lewd or violent a story maybe but this game, I wouldn’t even consider it to be a game. They use real people and you are just picking actions. It just seems weird to me. Steam decided to remove their page and not allow the game on the network and in this case, I think they did the right thing.

Walking simulators probably have even less gameplay though, but bad game design is bad game design after all.

There’s a bit of irony though, since they allow unhealthy amounts of hentai and have otherwise allowed porn games to go up for sale on the platform for years.


Yeah they allow some really weird crap on there but because they aren’t “real women” they don’t care. It seems a bit strange to me. There are loads of heavily sexualized games on Steam and while I agree, the game in question is not technically a game in the practical sense, they are being hypocrites.

I never heard of this game or the ones that came before it. I do remember seeing a game done in this style on Steam before and thought it was silly. Not something I would ever be interested in but a lot of people seem to enjoy this genre of gaming… So they may be missing out by not allowing it on there.

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Yeah I never heard of these either. They look pretty bad imo. Like, I don’t know anyone who would play something like this but at the same time, like xxtrain mentioned, there are people out there that do so they could be shooting themselves in the foot over this.

I guess that is fair to say. Like they do allow some real nasty games on there that objectify women in the worst ways possible but they will argue they have ones that do it to men too… Just not nearly as much.