Steam Lunar New Year Sale Dates

@SteamDB posted this on Twitter:

The @Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will run from 11th February to 15th. Leaked from an email to Steam partners, and you know, the Chinese New Year is on 12th :wink:

No word on any big sales or anything but that is when you can expect to see their next big sale event for the year. Thought I would share about this in case anyone has their eye on a game or two hoping for a deal.

Do they always do a Lunar New Year sale? I don’t remember this from last year but I could have just not been paying any attention at the time. A lot of wacky stuff was going on last year around that time lol

yup, just another example of a Western country bending knee to the Chinese for that sweet, sweet, marketplace. I think its time to ban all trade from the West to the East for the foreseeable future. There’s too many of them and they don’t play by the same rules we do.

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They did it last year. Idr if they did it before that since I dont rly pay attention to sales

If it’s just chinese games you can count me out! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yeah they had this sale since I think 2018 if I am not mistaken. They make it like more of an event now. I never see much during it that I would want though.

Yeah, they had this for a few years now I want to say. I don’t care why they have sales, whatever the holiday, I am just glad they have more of them. It isn’t just Chinese games either.

I feel like the only good sale Steam has anymore is the Summer Sale. The one that happens at the end of June each year. All these other smaller sales don’t have as many good deals or they run deals on the same games I already have or have no interest in playing.

Sometimes they have good deals, other times they don’t. Now that I know the dates, I will be sure to check. I am not in the market for anything in particular though.

I’ll check it out when the sale starts but given the last few sales they have had, I didn’t find much that interested me. I think they are losing out on games these days because of other gaming host platforms.

You can’t do that. You would have to gradually cut back for a good 10+ years. A lot of companies in the US rely on China for manufacturing. And but a lot, I mean most businesses in America do, big and small. Some have pulled away from China over the years, especially now since the whole Hong Kong thing happened but still, too many rely on them. A bit off-topic but I wanted to respond to your comment.