So game of the year goes to

… The Last of Us Part II

Okay, I will say it. The game is not terrible. It had things going for it but I would have never considered this to be a contender for the award, the big award of the year. It just seems silly. Most of the people I talked to either outright hated it, felt indifferent of it, or just thought it was okay. I am a bit confused by how this won when there were other games that were received way better.

I haven’t honestly taken this seriously in a long, long time. They seem to vote in favor of whatever is PC and whatever gives women, gays, blacks, etc. more of a spotlight. None of this I have an issue with either but when you make it one of the main focal points while killing off characters your fan base loves just because, well, it ends up ruining games.

I assumed it would win. What I am shocked by more so is that DOOM didn’t get a single award. Like to me, that was going to win something. I mean I would have gone as far to say it may just have been my game of the year.

Not suprised it won at all. It was a good game. The story had some pretty bad choices but it sorted itself out in the end. I wouldn’t have considered it to be the top game of the year but you have consider not much came out in 2020.

It was voted this because of the social cues and being PC enough. It had female leads, lesbians, killing off main male characters… Checked all the right dots! This is nothing against women or lesbians but the story came off very forced. Maybe that is just me. It was a decent game in spite of this but no way is it game of the year tier.

That isn’t a fair take on it. Sure, the characters did some questionable things but the story made sense in the end. I think people were just shocked and taken back by a favorite character being killed. It happens in games all the time though. People are just using that excuse to write off the game entirely.

Yea I love woman as much as I love moddin my bike but

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Underrail because I liked it a lot and got around to playing it this year (last year 2020). It has a very robust turn based combat system (Like chess) which lets me think more and isn’t based on how fast I can click. The quests were very unique had fallout 1 vibes even. The experience felt very repeatable with different character builds giving a fresh new experience.

My friend mentioned to me the other day that the fact that they won and no one even cared is funny. No one is talking about it. No one feels it should have won, even people who enjoyed the game. The only people who thought it should win are “video game journalists” and casual woke gamers.