Six Days in Fallujah Facing Backlash Again... Already

This game was meant to come out way back in 2007. Feel old yet?

Anyways, people are already calling for the game to be banned and it hasn’t even been released yet. Back then, it faced the same criticism and was never finished. You can get details on it in the vid below. Needless to say, I am excited to play the game because it is a war game that isn’t Battlefield or CoD.

I don’t really remember this back in 07. I was really into CoD back then too… I am wondering why I can’t place this game. They must have buried it pretty fast. I will watch the video later when I get home.

Is this down to the violence in the game or?

I mean I don’t get it. They have done pretty graphic things in GTA, Red Dead, all the CoD games… I can go on and on. I am shocked this game is being targeted if it is down to this reasoning.